Keiko Sonoda
Sex Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Blood type ?
Height ?
Rose Bride -
Rose Color Black
Birthday ?
Zodiac Sign ?
Voice Actress Nakagawa Akira (Japanese)

Amanda Goodman (English)

Keiko Sonoda is one of Nanami Kiryuu's three "stooges" (the other two being Aiko Wakia and Yuuko Oose). Keiko is particularly aggressive towards Anthy Himemiya, often at the direction of Nanami herself. However, her "friendship" with Nanami is flawed due to the fact that Keiko is secretly in love with Touga Kiryuu (Nanami's older brother). Keiko fought with Utena Tenjou as a Black Rose Duelist with a sword she pulled out of Touga.

Keiko does not appear in the film or the manga.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Keiko means "celebrate", "respect", "open ,begin" or "favor benefit" (kei) and "child" (ko).
  • Keiko's surname Sonoda means "garden", "orchard", "yard" (sono) and "rice paddy" (ta or da).