Nanami Kiryuu
Gender Female
Blood type  B
Rose Bride  Touga Kiryuu
Rose color   Yellow
Birthday August 8, 1984 (Age 13)
Zodiac sign

Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Voice actor Shiratori Yuri (Japanese)

Leah Applebaum (English)

Nanami Kiryuu is Touga Kiryuu's dramatic little sister who is often used as comic relief throughout the series. Her love for her brother borders on obsession and incest who is often seen using devious measures to punish the people who take her brother's attention away from her. Though her motivations are considered the simplest and least ambitious out of all the Duelists, they are no less real to her, and she suffers just as much as all the other Student Council members throughout the series.

Anime Edit

Nanami often makes various malicious attacks on students she deems inferior or worse, especially if they threaten her closeness to her brother.

She has bordered on cruelty by drowning a kitten for stealing Touga's attention from her when she was a child as well as fighting with the intention to kill during duels. However, it is notable that she is one of the youngest in the cast and she does not register the severity of violence and death.

Touga uses her attachment to him against her, often manipulating her to play out her role in the dueling game. He believes her feelings for him are genuinely incestuous and teases her, much to her shock and misunderstanding.

A few filler episodes in the series are specifically dedicated to Nanami and are usually standalone-type situations, breaking the convention of a standard Utena episode. Each has a metaphorical theme exploring Nanami's character in a sympathetic light, but are otherwise "gag episodes", meant to be humorous and are especially notorious for their bizarre content.

In the third arc of the anime, her sibling relationship with Touga is compared to Anthy Himemiya and Akio Ohtori after Nanami herself witnesses their sexual relationship. She becomes traumatized and attempts to prove to herself and her acquaintances that she is nothing like Anthy. Touga makes a sexual/romantic advanced towards her, which she declines with disgust.

After this experience, she becomes extremely critical of the duels and often gives advice to Utena. She resigns from the student council and begins wearing the normal girl's school uniform again. Despite becoming aware of the faults lying within Ohtori, she remains critical of Anthy.

Other Media Edit

Nanami appears once in the manga in a picture alongside Touga. In the movie, she appears in a gag sequence referencing the episode where she transforms into a cow.